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Made Only For You ..
14 May 2012

He might not handsome or cute ..

He might not rich and luxurious ..

He might not famous and known by everyone ..

He might not tall and sturdy ..

He might not sapient and well-informed ..

He might not well-doer and hardworking ..

He might not loyal and egoist ..

He might not cool and hot-temperature person ..

He might not talkative and romantic ..

He might not sweet and caring guy ..

He might not naughty and listen to others ..

He might not keep his promise and a loving couple ..

But ..

He might be the most understanding person that i have ever meet ..

He is the one who always be my side when i need him ..

He never give up on me no matter how bad i treat him ..

He is my superhero .. 

He is my lover ..

He is my Mr.120 ..

He that i mention is MAC JULES ..

*Hey u ! I'm lucky to have you as my boyfie*

*Thanks coz be patient with me*

                                                                                              Sincerely dedicated to my boy ,
                                                                                                              Chirah Maxzheiyra


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