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Depressed :(
23 May 2012

:'( okai ! I'm depressed ! Seriously i'm dissapointed with somebody .. I know he still mad at me bcoz of my behavior this few days :( hmm ! But .. i've my own reason why i ignore him .. i don't want to scold him or else it gonna be more worse >.< .. i never thought he dare to say something like that .. maybe the game is more important than me .. the game .. the game .. already take my place ... or he think that i love someone else .. and that boy called JIMMY .. he's younger a year than me .. i just know he's name only -.- ohmy ! he might think i really know that boy .. i don't like him or interested with him .. i just like to tease him .. that's all .. hmm .. never mind if he doesn't want to bother about me anymore .. i'm fine .. don't worry about me .. i know i have change just like what had you say to me last night .. hmm .. okai :'( i don't no what to say anymore .. i just really-2 sad and don't want to be disturb .. i want to be alone !


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