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21 May 2012

Ok ! Seriously , today i'm not in a very good mood >.< arrgghh ! I really feel annoying and angry but i just don't know how to explain what is my problem :'( This thing make me uncomfartable and don't want to be disturb by anybody even him .. ohmy ! I don't want scold anybody bcoz of this stuff .. huhu :( I was happy at school today . I start to love and enjoy learning at SMK LANANG .. Spend my time with my RATU-2 sekalian *I'm sorry for the broken english .. hmm .. but sudden everything changes when somebody told me something and then my mood was spoiled ! I hate it so much ! Damn ! Really-2 tension and want to be free .. i want to go so far away so that i wiil forget everything that hurt me and make me unhappy .. i want to cry :'( !!!! Somebody please cheer me up -.- .. bcoz of this thing .. i had to off my phone so that him will not be scold by me .. I'm sorry .. I need to be alone :(


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